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Green Glue- Noise Proofing on its highest level

We would like to introduce you to a product and its necessary technology, that is becoming more and more important, amidst the continuously increasing surrounding noises of our time. We are talking about Green Glue visco-elastic dampening compound, which by now has become the industrial standard for the noise proofing of wall and floor structures.

The Noise

We are living in the age of constant noise. The noises around us are a continuous stress factor, or maybe we are the source of the noise with our loud music playing habits. Or, perhaps, we simply live in a poorly constructed building, where everyone hears everyone’s business.

The solution

Green Glue is a visco-elastic dampening compound that absorbs the resonances due to its inside dampening abilities. Its use is very simple, it does not require special methods or tools. Both in already standing building structures, by adding a layer, or in newly constructed buildings, between two plaster boards, applying Green Glue visco-elastic compound will provide for an exceptional efficiency level of soundproofing.

The Level of Efficiency

It is matchless. Between two plasterboards, or two MDF sheets, Green Glue can reduce the spreading of sound between two spaces by up-to 90%; and what is especially important: it works quite well even on low frequency sounds. On these pages, we would like to introduce you to a few special methods of layering that will increase the efficiency of soundproofing even further.

Where we recommend it

Living Spaces: soundproofing homes and bedrooms, home theatre systems, and personal music studios 
Developing a noise free environment in office spaces
Professional uses: sound recording studios
Special appliances: for speaker builders, special acoustic elements, etc.

Green Glue’s Manufacturer

Green Glue Company is a division of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastic Foam, which is present in 15 countries, and employs 4,800 workers. This company is among the top manufacturers of abrasive materials, industrial ceramics, and plastic.


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